Monica Viamonte:  Hi everyone, this is Monica and Dania from Tapestry of the Heart. I want to talk to you a little about what is the foundation of our work. Not only at our private offices (because we do work individually with people) but also through the retreats and the workshops.

A lot of this work is based on inner child healing work. I don’t know if you have ever heard of it, but we all have little kids inside of us that in different ages of our lives – very young, can be even be in the womb of our mother, or a three year-old, a five-year-old, whatever the age it was – we experienced something negative or traumatic. And that little kid stays stuck in that moment in your lives. And not only staying stuck in the pain, but also that little kid makes beliefs about themselves, and also make a decision on how to behave to survive on those beliefs.

So, let’s say for example that at some point in your life, you’re growing up, something happens to you and you created a belief that no matter what you do, you’re not good enough. So that’s a big belief that a lot of us have, “I’m not good enough.”

According to that, you’d make a decision on how to deal with that, how to survive. Usually one of the big behavioral decisions that are made on that is, “I have to be perfect. I have to continue to do everything better, and better, and better.” Like you don’t stop. You’re always reaching for more. So, that little kid, it’s still inside of you. Even in our adult life. So that’s why this work is so important because if you want to heal, you’ve got to start with the past. Because that’s what’s going to unfold, to shift your energy, shift your life to something different.

Dania Alen:  And so all these beliefs, and these behavior decisions are in our subconscious. Ninety percent of our thoughts and our behaviors are in the subconscious. What’s in the conscious mind is the 10%; how we think, how we act, our cognitive abilities. And so all of these thoughts and beliefs, and behavior decisions that are in our subconscious, come up every single day. No matter how much we work on ourselves, if we don’t do this type of work, these thoughts, these beliefs, these behaviors, just automatically appear. And so, in talk therapy you’re only dealing with 10% of your brain which is your conscious mind.

But in the type of therapy we do, we actually go into that 90%. And you start to change your behaviors, and your thinking… the way you think about yourself. So that is the importance of doing work with your inner child.

Monica Viamonte:  Yes, and as you work through that, you start shifting. and you start healing, you start attracting different situations, different people to your life. Because you have learned something that was still locked in your life. So, that’s the thing. If we don’t learn, we just keep attracting more and more, and repeating more and more. So, if you’re interested in something like this, this type of healing work, which is very profound, very transformative, reach out. This is what we are about.

Dania Alen:  And you can go to our website at, and our personal information is on there. You can even make an appointment if you want to see us one-on-one, or if you are interested in our workshops, all the information is there right on our website. So we hope to hear from you and we hope to see you. From our heart to yours, thank you.