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Benefits of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Please click the three-dot control button on the lower right section of the title slide to play or pause the presentation. We invite your comments and questions, simply reply at…

21 Day Gratefulness Challenge with Dania Alen

This is the first of of a 21-day series of videos with Tapestry of the Heart co-founder, Dania Alen, to encourage gratefulness in our lives. To view all 21 IGTV…

VIDEO: Workshops Explained by Dania Alen and Monica Viamonte

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Dania Alen: Hi everyone, I am Dania and this is Monica, and we come to you from Tapestry of the Heart. We’re going to talk to you a…

VIDEO: An Introduction to Tapestry of the Heart

 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Monica Viamonte:  Hi everyone, this is Monica and Dania from Tapestry of the Heart. I want to talk to you a little about what is the foundation…

Meditation: Making time our friend, not our enemy

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A word with Monica Viamonte

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